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Melba Moore

Step 1

Joining NetWeb/StarTrak Records

It will cost $350 a year......that will get your CD mastered, pressed with picture and info on the CD.

That's less than 99 cents a day, less than what you pay for a soda.

Your CD will go on your web site that we make for you where people can click on your music to hear and buy if they like it.

Prices vary depending upon how many songs you may have on your CD...sales from the web site are split 50/50.

Being a member of NetWeb/StarTrak Records, you get a discount if you order CDs, T-shirts, hats, banners, business cards, and posters that you may want to sell, or give away at your gigs or to friends and family.

Step 2

By Joining NetWeb/StarTrak Records

Your CD will get reviewed to go on internet radio. That cost is $100 a month if added.

We will play your music 24/7 on NetWeb/StarTrak Records Radio world wide.

If you have a computer you can hear your music 24/7 and tell your friends.

People listen to the internet at work, home, college dorms, some people live by the computer.

Now if your CD does well on the internet!!!!!!

Step 3

NetWeb/StarTrak Records Hit Major Radio

We take your music to major radio stations, and if they add you...the cost will change to $350 a month.

Your CDs will be in all the stores to sell and we will split 80/20. 80% to NetWeb/StarTrak Records and 20% to you.

The store will buy it at $6.00 to $8.00, you will keep your royalties and publishing at all times.

So you really are getting 220%...check around...we are the way out.

If you have your own CDs...we can work it out.

Step 4

NetWeb/StarTrak Records PAYING YOU BACK

You know other people that are just like you with their music, trying to get it out there to be heard or sell.

This is where we send someone to us, and they sign up, you get 50% for the referral.

You can make money............think about it.....

Become a part of us.

What are you doing right now with your CD?

NetWeb/StarTrak Records is the way out.....join us now...welcome to NetWeb/StarTrak Records.

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